Amy Knoles


"The opening piece White Screen is performed by Sakamoto and Waewdao Sirisook, a Thai dancer trained in both traditional Lanna arts and contemporary dance, in concert with live electronic music performed and composed by Amy Knoles whose rhythms, beats, and punctuations are the muscle and the breath of the movement." 

- Jacki Apple, Fabrik Magazine 


Here is a fairly fleshed out version (unfortunately before I added the harmonic series electric guitar section) of "9:8:7:5:4:3:1" that I created for one of my favorite Audio Art Presenters: Bludñy Kåmen (celebrating 20 years of presenting art that you would NEVER see on network tv!!). It's an experiment in live looping of the ratios of 9:8:7, etc. in a Totalist fashion, but breaking the rules severely as the "real" version of the piece would take 1075 hours! 

Photography: Richard Hines

Pretty in Pink, for Rachel (Rosenthal)

Okay so, here is my piece for Rachel's memorial. I still can't believe that she is gone, guess I will never believe that, she's always been a person that I could come back to after years, and be welcomed to always felt like coming home. Many times I was very lost and found my way back to just "blow it out my ass" in R2Co style.
Only honesty was welcome in her E'space DBD, well, and animals. ;)
I miss you Rachel, but know your fine company and past company members will carry your dreams. See you in the stars one day.

Photography: Martin Cohen

Julius Eastman FOUND!
My most recent work, based on the music of the legendary genius, Julius Eastman. I created this in 4.1 surround with the MalletKat, a elaborate series of loopers in Ableton LIVE and a Keith McMillen 12 Step.

2 x 10 x 10 x 10 + 1
Amy's seminal work, sounding out Los Angeles at the turn of the Century

Amy Knoles in Duet W/Morton Subotnick on the EAR Unit's collaboration of From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulphur: Revisited. March 24, 2012 REDCAT

From Silver Apples to A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur

Click on Url below to view a video excerpt of my work with the EAR Unit

The California EAR Unit

Click on Url below to view a video excerpt of my work with the EAR Unit

THOUBOHU! extreme theater
Amy joins the Rachel Rosenthal Co. in a performance of total improvisation.

The Empty Room, a diverse program of international performances led by butoh dance theater artist Michael Sakamoto with renowned artists from Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and the USA.

White Screen excerpt from Empty Room

Smallest Gesture/Grandest Frame, a collaboration with Choreographer Victoria Marks.

Smallest Gesture/Grandest Frame

Listen to Amy's score for Heidi Duckler's Dance Theater performance of Nudes from A Gallerina's Guide, recently premiered at the Los Angeles county Museum of Art. 

A Gallerina's Guide (Nudes) | Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

The California E.A.R. Unit performs composer David Dvorin's “As Alice” with violin, piano and musical manipulations of real and imagined sounds along with interactive video designed by Ted Davis. 

As Alice

Click to see AK working with Michael Maierhof on his piece Sugar 1, for Monday Evening Concerts

Sugar 1

Click on Url below to view a video excerpt of my work SACRED COW with Butoh dancer/choreographer Michael Sakamoto.


Click on Url below to view a video excerpt of the Mandala Drum Promo featuring Amy (and CalArts TRIGGER students) with Danny Carey of the band Tool

The Mandala Drum

Click on Url below to view a video excerpt of my piece Men in the Cities

Men in the Cities - Audio Art Festival, Krakøw, PL 2002