Amy Knoles


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Solo East Coast Tour 2017
February 2017

Feb 4 - Elect Perc Workshop - Juilliard Pre and College

Feb 6 Purchase College  - Elect Perc Workshop

Feb 9 SUNY Buffalo - Elect Perc Workshop

Feb 10, 8pm Burchfield Penny Art Center - 


Feb 11, 8pm Solo Performance & Workshop - Syracuse University

Feb 13 the Hartt School - Elect Perc Workshop

Feb 14th the Hartt School  - Workshop Interactive Video for Musicians

Feb 15 Yale University,CSMT -  Elect Perc Workshop & Pop Cultures 

Feb 16 Mannes College - Elect Perc Workshop

VU Symposium 2016

The first annual Vu Symposium on experimental, electronic, and improvised music, will be held in Park City, Utah on July 5-7, 2016.

The theme for our first symposium is quite broad.  We invite scholars, performers, ensembles, composers, critics, and anyone and everyone interested in experimental, improvised, and/or electronic music to present papers, pieces, curated concerts, ideas, half-ideas, lectures, performance pieces, improvisations, or installations that ask, answer, or critique the following question:

“What happened, what’s happening now, and what could happen?”

All events FREE!!

VU Symposium on Facebook:

Summer Percussion Seminar

Friday, July 1, 2016 12:30pm



Beats, Tweaks, Samples and Loops are all part of the electronic percussionists’ world! In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of working with some of the amazing instruments available to mallet players, drum set players and finger drummers: the MalletKAT, DrumKAT, and Ableton Push.

9:8:7:5:4:3:1        Bludný kámen's 20th Anniversary Festival (live in California)
Friday, October 2, 2015 8pm
R.O.D @ CalArts  (live performance and web cast:

Is a response to a call to participate in the Time (20yearsBK) project intended for artists, theoreticians, organizations and institutions concerned with contemporary art or for those who feel Bludný Kámen‘s activities over the last twenty years have resonated with them.
From the 20th of September through the 20th of October 2015 Bludný kámen will organize an exhibition in Opava, Czech Republic with accompanying concerts, talks, and an extensive cultural program on the theme of Time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their activities in the field of contemporary art and music. A collective awareness of organized events with a common theme taking place simultaneously at different locations throughout the world will serve as the project‘s most significant characteristic.


Serious Feminine Noise:
Banetoriko, Telecaves and Amy Knoles
Wednesday,  September 23, 2015 8-11pm
4773 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90027

ResBox is back @ the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday, September 23, 8PM!

Our September show features live sets from Banetoriko, Telecaves and Amy Knoles...

supported by Angel City Arts, this is a pre-festival event for
the 2015 Angel City Jazz Festival]
Hope you can join us!


Curated by Hans Fjellestad + Kio Griffith

Wednesday, September 23, 8PM
ResBox: Presented by Trepany House @ Steve Allen Theater
The Center for Inquiry
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90027

$10 at the door or reservations at: (800) 595-4849
more info: (323) 666-4268

all ages + free parking in lot

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
ResBox returns with an eclectic roster of experimental music luminaries and emerging artists on stage monthly at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood.
Some of the performers from our first 4 seasons (2008-2011) include Lukas Ligeti, Carl Stone, Z'EV, Soriah, Laetitia Sonami, Tatsuya Nakatani, Vinny Golia, Motoko Honda, Ezra Buchla, Lisle Ellis, Steamboat Switzerland, Leticia Castaneda, David Scott Stone, G.E. Stinson, Jim McAuley, Daedeuls, Baseck, Urban Electronic Music, Kadet Kuhne, Becca Mhalek, Kim Fowley, among many others.
"An attractively extreme viewpoint." — Greg Burk, LA Weekly
ResBox Trailer:
Video Archive Playlist:

Pretty In Pink, for Rachel (Rosenthal) Rachel Rosenthal Memorial.
Sunday, August 2, 2015 2pm

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center - JACCC

 I still can't believe that she is gone, guess I will never believe that, she's always been a person that I could come back to after years, and be welcomed to always felt like coming home. Many times I was very lost and found my way back to just "blow it out my ass" in R2Co style.
Only honesty was welcome in her E'space DBD, well, and animals. ;)
I miss you Rachel, but know your fine company and past company members will carry your dreams. See you in the stars one day.

Improv Set @ Art Share L.A.
Friday, July 31, 2015   @ Art Share L.A.

Here is an edit of my recent set at Art Share L.A. I condensed the beginning since it was an experiment with 9:8:7...and takes a while to get to the point. I'll be doing the full on vers. of that Oct 2 @ CalArts (part of a series of world wide performances by many different artists, dedicated to Martin Klimes - Bludy Bludný kámen's 20th Anniversary) which will be live broadcast from R.O.D. web cam, if anyone is interested.

Improv Set @ Art Share L.A.
in limbo: Robert Henke, Ulrich Krieger, Amy Knoles 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015   @ REDCAT

“Blending elements of techno, dubstep, and ambient… Henke presents programmed electronic music at its most sensually expressive.” – Pitchfork
Beyond the outer fringes of club culture and experimental music, in a limbo where ambient turns over to beats, grooves to soundscape, noise to silence, Berlin EDM maven and inventor Robert Henke—aka Monolake—brings laptop and electronics to play with a pair of fiercely eclectic L.A. musicmakers: rock experimenter Ulrich Krieger and avant-gardist Amy Knoles. Henke is an original developer of the popular Ableton Live music software, while Krieger, performing here on electric sax and electronics, has collaborated with the late Lou Reed, Lee Ranaldo and Merzbow. Daredevil electronic percussionist Knoles is best known as a chamber soloist and founding member of the California E.A.R. Unit. Expect a far-flung musical exploration: the all-star trio does not abide limits.


Rachel Rosenthal Company’s TOHUBOHU!

June 21st, 8:30pm (2014)

In Paris, France, the word “tohubohu” was enfolded within the French language. It seemed to connote chaos, collision, disorder. “AH! QUEL TOHUBOHU!” someone would say, and, at once, people would scurry, rearrange chairs, puff the cushions, set a more orderly table, stop the chatter. Tohubohu was to be avoided and attended to. After many months and sometimes years of effort, we are taking the TOHUBOHU of life, of history, of personal development and of thought, and creating “extreme theatre”. 

TOHUBOHU! is Total Free Improvisation, which is nothing like a scripted, rehearsed, and repeatable show. Our form of theatre is difficult as no other art form is. We act and react, respond to surprises, challenges, accidents, the unknown, the unexpected, as we do in so-called “real” life.  Only in a way that we call “art”. 

As we perform together, we collaborate with our partners in creating form, composition, and meaning, sometimes realistically, sometimes abstractly, emanating from our conscious, our unconscious, our dreams, our poetic imagination and our unique individual selves. 

Rachel Rosenthal Company’s

It’s scary. It’s exhilarating. We are all devoted to this quest without end, 

and hope that our audience, witness to the mysterious alchemical process 

of that form, will join us on our path of discovery, wonder, and joy!

– Rachel Rosenthal | Artistic Director

Rachel Rosenthal Company Presents
TOHUBOHU! Extreme Theatre Ensemble
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The Longest Winter
January 25th, 7pm & January 26th, 2pm (2014)

Rachel Rosenthal Company’s Instant Fairy Tales, the latest offering in Rachel Rosenthal’s remarkable career, is a brand new quarterly series of original fairy tales for the 21st century. Instant Fairy Tales: The Longest Winter, the series' inaugural offering on January 25th and 26th at Espace DbD in Los Angeles, features an allegorical tale about learning to care for the environment. This first quarterly installment features costumes and sets in a visual style based on the "ukiyo-e" woodcuts of Hokusai and Hiroshige, which depict the Japanese "floating world" of the theatre, restaurants, teahouses, geisha, and the natural world.

The new series marries Rosenthal's Instant Theatre concept with the enchantment of the fairy tale tradition. Echoing Barrault’s and Artaud’s revolutionary notions about theater, Rosenthal’s performance aesthetic integrates movement, voice, choreography, improvisation, costuming, music, lighting, and sets into seismic experiences. The Rachel Rosenthal Company ensemble includes visual artists, dancers, storytellers, a martial artist, sculptors, and an award-winning cake designer who will supply a cupcake for every child after each Instant Fairy Tale performance. 

Fairy tales have been delighting the imaginations of children and adults alike, for centuries, in cultures around the globe. These enchanted folk stories, full of magic and mystery, take place in faraway lands, once upon a time, and happily ever after.  In this strange realm, mythical beasts make the seasons change, a single apple will sustain through winter, and it's generally best to stay out of the woods. These tales inspire our imaginations and teach us to see with new eyes. 

Reservations are necessary to ensure your seat(s). 

Reserve ONLINE.  Maximum of 35 seats per show. 


BY PHONE 310 / 839 0661 Open: Mon–Fri, Noon–6pm

VISAAmEx and MC accepted. Paid reservations only.

AT THE DOOR Walk-ups are seated after all RSVPs have

arrived on a first-come, first-served basis. CASH ONLY.

Chase/Colpits/Kreiger: Percussion Justly Tuned

February 4, 8:30pm @ REDCAT

Brian Chase, John Colpitts and Ulrich Krieger—three innovators working the edges of rock and experimental composition—stir up pulsating soundscapes, at once intense and meditative. Joined by Calarts Faculty of Percussion: David Johnson and Amy Knoles as well several stellar students, this three-part program focuses on percussion instruments, used here as expansive sonic tools rather than drivers of rhythm. Chase, drummer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, opens with a new iteration of his ongoing Drums and Drones for solo percussion and electronics, with live video projections by Ursula Scherrer. Krieger, of Metal Machine Trio (with the late Lou Reed) and Text of Light, follows with the nuanced Hit Men for percussion and electronics, revealing seldom-heard acoustic properties of snares, toms and cymbals. Closing out the program is Oneida drummer Colpitts, aka Kid Million, who leads his own ensemble, Man Forever, in performing Ur Eternity—a rockin’ drone maelstrom for 10 percussion pieces and two basses.



REDCAT's Box Office is at the corner of W. 2nd and Hope Streets, and box office representatives can be reached during regular business hours in-person or by phone, 213-237-2800.

213 237-2800

September 5, 5:00Pm 
Performance of excerpts of "Julius Eastman FOUND" @ The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts, Valencia, CA

September 23, 7:30Pm 
Performance and lecture of "Julius Eastman FOUND" @ Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with dancer/choreographer Michael Sakamoto 

October 15 
Lecture "Looping Well With Others..." University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra, SL

October 16
Solo Performance "Julius Eastman FOUND" PostmutArt Festival at the Nitra Gallery, Nitra,SL

October 17 
Solo Performance "Julius Eastman FOUND" SKLENĚNÁ LOUKA, Brno, CZ

October 18
Lecture "Looping Well With Others..." Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno, CZ

October 20
Solo Performance "Julius Eastman FOUND" Club A4 Bratislava, SL

October 21
Solo Performance "Julius Eastman FOUND" Bludný kámen, Opava, CZ

2012-13 Performances

December 14-15

November 2-3

October 5-6

September 14-15

July 27-28

TOHUBOHU! Extreme Theater

"Rosenthal's TOHUBOHU! may be the actualization of the best of Artaud's intentions. Surely, anyone who witnesses the improvised creation of this unique ephemeral art will indeed be connected with something deep and true within themselves." 

– WhiteHot Magazine

"Rosenthal's TOHUBOHU! may be the actualization of the best of Artaud's intentions.  Surely, anyone who witnesses the improvised creation of this unique ephemeral art will indeed be connected with something deep and true within themselves."  
– WhiteHot Magazine

"Rosenthal's TOHUBOHU! may be the actualization of the best of Artaud's intentions.  Surely, anyone who witnesses the improvised creation of this unique ephemeral art will indeed be connected with something deep and true within themselves."  
– WhiteHot Magazine

Friday and Saturday July 27-28  - 8:30 PM

SEATING IS LIMITED to 35 per show. Walk-ups are welcome, CA$H-ONLY and seated 1st-come, 1st- serve. However, reservations are strongly recommended!

Get 2-for-1 admission by showing your KCRW Fringe Benefits card at the door or onlineHERE (code KCRW). For more info & directions visit or CALL (310) 839-0661

2847 S. ROBERTSON BLVD. LA, CA 90034 Between HARGIS and CATTARAUGUS Streets. Our entrance is through the alley off HARGIS ST.

"Rosenthal's TOHUBOHU! may be the actualization of the best of Artaud's intentions.  Surely, anyone who witnesses the improvised creation of this unique ephemeral art will indeed be connected with something deep and true within themselves."  
– WhiteHot Magazine
"Rosenthal's TOHUBOHU! may be the actualization of the best of Artaud's intentions.  Surely, anyone who witnesses the improvised creation of this unique ephemeral art will indeed be connected with something deep and true within themselves."  
– WhiteHot Magazine

June 16

World premiere of The Empty Room
Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA

Highways Performance Space proudly presents The Empty Room, a diverse program of international performances led by butoh dance theater artist Michael Sakamoto with renowned artists from Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and the USA, on Friday-Saturday, June 1-2, 2012 at 8:30pm. Collaborating performers include hip-hop choreographer-dancer Rennie Harris (Rennie Harris Puremovement) new music composer and electronic percussionist Amy Knoles (California EAR Unit), Japanese performers Mao Arata, Natsumi Ishihara and Tetsuro Koyano (Pappa Tarahumara), Thai dancer Waewdao Sirisook (Lan Sattha Thai Dance), Cambodian dancer Chey Chankethya (Amrita Performing Arts), and Vietnamese-American dancer Nguyen Nguyen (Los Angeles Movement Arts), with additional music by Japanese musicians Reiko Imanishi and Shinichi Isohata (Resonance Beauty music duo).

October 17-18
Sacred Cow
Performance and workshops with Michael Sakamoto
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

October 19-22 
Artist-in-Residence with Michael Sakamoto at Brown University, Providence, RI

Past Performances

2012 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA.

2012 Cal Arts’ COMMUTER Festival - Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater at CalArts with choreographer Victoria Marks' “Smallest Gesture/Grandest Frame”

2012 Jogja International Performing Arts Festival (JIPA) with Michael Sakamoto and Waeodao Sirisook - Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2012 Solo Performance of works for live electronic Percussion, interactive video and voice - National Museum- Jakarta, Indonesia presented by Sacred Bridge and Listen to the World.

2012 EAR Unit @ Boston Court, Pasadena, CA

2011 Sur Incise with Pierre Boulez, Conductor - A Tribute to Ernest Fleishmann at The Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, CA

2011 My Brasil Collaborative Performance work with Rachel Rosenthal commissioned by the Culver City Cultural Affairs Department in conjunction with the J. Paul Getty Museum for it’s Pacific Standard Time exhibits throughout LA, an enormous project spanning 1950's to 1980's art in Los Angeles.

2011 Grandest Gesture/Smallest Frame: commission to create live electronic score for choreographer Victoria Marks. Four performances @ REDCAT

2011 Sacred Cow - Vancouver International Dance Festival w/Michael Sakamoto

2011 Monday Evening Concert-Hans Abrahamsen’s evening length Schnee –at Zipper Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Sacred Cow - Gøtborg Art Sounds Festival, Gøtborg, Sweden

2011 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA

2011 EAR Unit, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music - UC Irvine, Irvine,CA 

2011 Road Works: EAR Unit Tour of Montana: Billings/Missoula/Bozeman

2011 Road Works: EAR Unit Tour of Georgia: Performance in Atlanta and four day residency at Georgia College & State University

2011 Road Works: EAR Unit premieres 3 new works by Macedonian Composers on the SOCOM Festival in Skopje, Macadonia

2010 Monday Evening Concert: Music of Frank Denyer, Zipper Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Michiko Hirayama, Giacinto Scelsi, Canti Del Capricorno: at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Featured Artists the California E.A.R. Unit: Alfred Loefler New Music Symposium CSU-Chico

2010 Russel Walder Ensemble: JTPAC Kochin, India

2010 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA.

2010 Vestiges of Creation: premiere of evening length theatrical work in collaboration with Michael Sakamoto, Waewdao Sirisook - World Arts and Cultures-UCLA

2010 Blast Phemy! 1  @ Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA

2009 Friendly Gestures: California E.A.R. Unit with Fred Frith – Carlsbad Festival, Carlsbad, CA


2009 Young Americans, California E.A.R. Unit:Carlsbad Festival (Performances at Zipper Hall in Los Angeles, CA and Carlsbad, CA)


2009 Amuse-Bouche #1: Composer /Performer for Rachel Rosenthal Co. three night event


2009 Featured Artist: Alfred Loefler New Music Symposium CSU-Chico


2009 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA


2008 Masters of Marimba: Zeltzman Marimba Festival at Zipper Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA


2008 Monday Evening Concert, music of Michael Maierhof: Zipper Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA


2008 Anatta: World festival of Sacred Music, premiere of evening length theatrical work in collaboration with Michael Sakamoto, Waewdao Sirisook and Bob Bellerue, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.


2008 Interactions, A Tribute to John Bergamo: with the CalArts Percussion Ensemble, PASIC Convention Houston, TX


2008 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA.


2008 Musicians Meet Bukowski: Original work performed and composed by Marc Lowenstein, Arthur Jarvinen, Martin Herman, and Amy Knoles REDCAT Theater Los Angeles, CA


2007 EAR Unit Series @ REDCAT: bi-yearly performances of new music, Los Angeles, CA.


2007 Sacred Cow: music and dance work choreographed and performed by Michael Sakamoto with original music and live electronic accompaniment exploring the historic, socio-cultural, and personal issues underlying numerous sacred and profane music and dance forms of both Western and Eastern society. Church Music Festival Kristiansand, Norway


2006 Sacred Cow: REDCAT Theater (3 nights) - Los Angeles, CA


2006 Sacred Cow: Roulette Intermedia Performance Space- New York, NY


2006 Sacred Cow: Tour of Eastern Europe highlights: at Sklenenalouka in Brno, CZ; Bludney Kamen in Opava, CZ; Hermes’ Ear in Nitra, SL; Audio Art Festival Krakow, PL


2005 Guest Artist, Kronos Quartet: Chinese Music Festival, Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam performing Tan Dun’sC-A-G-E and Guo Wenjing’s String Quartet #2


2005 The California E.A.R. Unit: performance of new music relating to the theme of Star Wars for on the Music in Historic Sites Series at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, CA


2005 Guest Artist, Kronos Quartet: Boeing Dreamliner Arts Festival, Seattle, WA


2005 Guest Artist, Kronos Quartet: World Music Festival San Francisco, CA


2005 The California E.A.R. Unit: two day Residency and gave an evening length performance which included the multimedia work Squint, Rice University, Huston, TX


2005 The California E.A.R. Unit: two day Residency & evening length performance including Squint, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA


2005 Performance of Keeril Makan’s Target on Song Fest, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA


2005 Berlin/LA: the California E.A.R. Unit, Werner-Otto Saal, Berlin, DE


2005 The California E.A.R. Unit: Hermes’s EAR Festival, Nitra, SL


2005 Half Hour From Home: CalArts Alumni, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, CA


2005 Solo Intermedia performance: 18th Street Theater, Santa Monica, CA


2005 Natural Plastic (duo with Marek Choloniewski from Krakow): tour with live optical electronics and interactive video- Macedonia, Slovakia and Czech Republic